Tips to know before hiring catering service

Let us say, you have a wedding planned and of course, according to you, the essential part of the event are the bride and groom. Well, in some cases your wedding guests might not be thinking the same. “Some guests” are there in the wedding solely for one reason, that being to be behind the food at the wedding. The reason I gave the example above is to show how food becomes the source of a talking point in an event.

So with this article, I will let you know that what you should know before hiring a catering service. Take a look at the points below, which will help you in clearing all your doubts on hiring a catering service.

Tips on Hiring catering service

Finding the right catering service for your event is easier said than done. Currently, most will ask friends and relatives for suggestions, however, the best way to find the best catering service is by using DialJordan. Just search for “Best Catering Service in Bangalore” and you will easily find a list of detailed caterers that are organized according to their distance from your location. You can further refine this search result by organizing it according to their customer rating or price.


Know Your event

Yes, know your event before you begin considering other things as the caterer you decide on hiring is heavily relied on what kind of event it is. If it is a corporate event, the caterer has to consider different kind of food such that they provide a wide variety in the food section,

And if it is a wedding event, then it primarily depends on what food you eat. For example, some families demand vegetarian food, and some prefer non-veg, whereas in some cases they prefer both types of food.


After understanding the event, now you are left with the dilemma of how big you want your event to be. And after you decide this, make sure that you weigh in, bargain with your caterer and save your budget for the wedding. I would suggest you to not waste time on the catering companies which are out of your budget and are not open for negotiations.

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Research and Comparison


You need to put in a lot of research while looking out for the catering service which satisfies all your requirements. You can always look into online search engines which provide you the complete detail about all the vendors giving catering services as well as additional info such as their menu and prices. Try asking the people around you; they might help you in recommending some of the caterers.


Another vital part while researching for the caterer for your event is to create a shortlist of all the catering services that interest you and then compare the prices of the catering services in your shortlisted.

Do not immediately reply with a “Yes” to the rates quoted by the vendor. And also make sure the quality of the food provided by caterers that you have shortlisted for comparison are good. Saving your budget by hiring caterers with substandard quality is never a good idea.

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Ask the catering service whether they can provide service in the locality of the event taking place.

Make sure the caterer you hire has prior knowledge about the location of the event because you do not want your guests to wait for food.


Since you have provided with the details of the event, inquire about how many staffs the vendor will be able to provide for service during the event. This is helpful for you and enables you to keep a track of the staff available.

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Since you are spending a large sum of money into the event, make sure that you and the vendor have a thorough discussion clarifying all the doubts you have about your needs and requirements.

Also, you should have basic knowledge of the person who is incharge of your event catering, be it the owner or the manager.

This meeting will present you with a clear picture of the person who you will be required to often communicate with during the event process. A meeting can result in knowing how comfortably you can deal with the person incharge.

Try samples of food

Before finalizing the deal, make sure that you or any member related to the event have a food tasting session. In some cases, the caterers will charge you a nominal fee to taste while some let you have a go at their food for free.

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Other services it offers

Ask the caterer what other services they can offer other than the food. Some caterers also provide bachelorette party, bridal shower and some even offer flower arrangements, but then it all depends on your budget and the deal between you and the vendor.

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Try and be clear about from where does the caterer gets the vegetables from. Is it from the local farms and farmers market? if yes then the caterer’s menu is adaptable and can also adapt through different seasons as well.

Leftover Policy

Ask the caterer about the leftover policy. Do they provide the leftover to carry or not? And also if some of the food which are unable to be carried back to your place, ask the vendor to donate the food to an NGO or you might as well take the initiative of donating the leftover food.

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Terms and conditions

The most important thing about the deal with the caterer is whether you have gone through the contract between you and caterer carefully or not. Make sure that the contract contains a cancellation policy. And also what is the amount you mutually agreed upon?

Make sure that you read through all the documents carefully and also beware of any extra charges like napkins, cutlery or flowers required to decorate the table are mentioned or not.


So do have any more tips on what to do before hiring a catering service or does my informative list satisfy everything that you require?

Feel free to mention in the comments section below, and I am also open to considering your invitation to your event.



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