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People always have different views on anything happening around the world. Especially for a person, one may have negative or positive reviews, which he/she can’t express in front of that person. But they don’t find a suitable way to voice their feelings, as they don’t want to hurt the other person and at the same time, want to relieve themselves from frustrations. For this, the best-suited platform is Sarahah, on which one can share each wonderful as well as vulnerable experience with another. Sarahah is a highly popular platform on social media. Being created by Zain Alabdin, a Saudi developer, this platform suits to the requirements of every one of expressing their reviews for another person more appropriately, yet anonymously.

What is Sarahah?

The Arabic meaning of Sarahah is honesty. So, if you want an honest view regarding yourself, then Sarahah is the best way to get it. Nowadays, there are a million modes of communication or social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp. But the way of expressing views, which Sararhah is providing to millions of users is something really unique. It is common that everyone doesn’t have the courage to tell the reality that he/she observes regarding another person straightforwardly. This app suits to the requirements of this kind of people, where they can share their thoughts in disguise manner to another person, who may be their boss, teacher, friends or relatives.

What is Sarahah

The main condition is both the users must have installed the Sarahah app. One can get it downloaded both from a Google Play Store on any Android phone or the App Store on any iOS device. Since its launch, two months ago, it has more than 300 million users. Unlike other networking sites, users cannot interact directly with one another because there is no reply mechanism if anyone sends you a message.

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How to use Sarahah

This app is incredibly easy to use. Here is the process to use it:

  • Download the app on your device.
  • Create your profile on this app. Sign up doesn’t require much information; you just need to fill username, email id & password mainly to make your account.
  • You don’t need to enter your mobile number.
  • Your account is ready, just log in by entering the username & password.
  • Share it on different social media platforms & get or share your views of other persons.

After sharing your Sarahah account link, you will get messages from your friends & strangers too. Without revealing their identity, people can share their thoughts regarding you. If a person finds any message or feedback, abusive or offensive, then there is an option to block the sender. Well, this is a good way of getting what others think about you.

hack sarahah

How to link Sarahah to Snachat

Sending anonymous messages to friends or anyone without any type of intimation that who is sending these messages, has come in so much in vogue that people are considering it a perfect way to suppress anger or other feelings which one can’t express in front of that person. One can easily get Sarahah connected with Snapchat, here are the simple steps:

  • As a very first step, open your snapchat app & click a picture or make a video that you usually do on this platform.
  • On the screen, find out the paperclip icon. Just click on this image & look out Sarahah by writing here ‘’
  • After writing this, you will be directed to the website directly. Here, search out your profile on Sarahah.
  • After finding your account, click on ‘Attach to snap.’ After clicking it, both the accounts will get linked with each other.

Link sarahah with snapchat

In this way, you can successfully enjoy the usage of both the apps. To use both the apps simultaneously, then having an account on both platforms is expedient. The reason of connecting Sarahah with Snapchat is that it gives you the way to find out the person, who has sent the anonymous message on your Sarahah account. It is possible by sending pictures of the Sarahah messages that you have received, on the platform of Snapchat. In this way, there is the possibility of getting the person who has given anonymous feedback to you.

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How to hack Sarahah

Every user of Sarahah is keen to know there any hack for Sarahah? Is there any way to reveal the sender’s name?

Well, there is no specific way to Sarahah hack. But, you don’t need to worry. There are still some secret tips that will reveal the sender’s identity. The user should give it a try when he/she receives a message. For this, the users have to click a screenshot of their Sarahah id. Share it with the people who know your Sarahah id. The Sender will react unusually.

sarahah app

It will not be a difficult job for those who are good at guessing and reading people. They must give it a try. In spite of this, several websites claim that they can reveal sender’s identification if one strictly follows the process as provided by them. These sites will ask you to enter your Sarahah user name on YouTube. Then, they will ask what you want to know about senders like Facebook id, Email id, or username only. The next step will be human verification. To clear this step, you have to download some games and had to work on it for at least 30 min. After this, you will notice beside his/her message, sender’s email id or username got revealed. You can also check some useful Sarahah hack websites mentioned below:


Once again we remind you there is no specific way to hack Sarahah because hacking such official app is not legal.

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Sarahah App reviews

By Manish Shah posted on

It’s just the fun app where everyone enjoys the fact that someone thinks about him or her. At first, it seems nice, but after using 4 to 5 days, it feels annoying and disgusting. It happens because we don’t get the proof that someone thinks like that or he/she is making us a fool. At first, you will like it, but you will soon find it useless.

By RazaTanveer posted on

Please Stop This!!

Sarahah comes with a simple and light layout where messages came to you, will be shown. There is nothing special about its design as well. This app functions as an anonymous messaging app where people can drop any messages, without revealing their identity. At Social Media, people are using this as a fun app, and most of the people were getting fake messages or abusive messages which are a pure waste of time. Grow up, avoid such apps.

Well, the concept of the app is not bad if applicable in other serious concerns such as letting Rape victims, Child Abuse victims, and other social cause’s victims to contact higher authorities without getting their identity revealed. This app can also be used to disclose some dirty secrets of politics like bribery or any harassment to the top authorities without obtaining the informer’s identity revealed, and thus they can talk freely about the issues without any fear of their identity revealed. But Sadly, This app is used on useless stuff. Thank you, Jai Hind.

sarahah app review

Other Apps Like Sarahah

It is interesting to see what people think about you without disclosing their names. But do you know, not only Sarahah, there are lots of other apps too that serves the same purpose. Numerous inventors have invented such apps which are helping people to disclose their emotions and feelings for someone else. These mobile apps are in vogue now & people love to use it & share their feelings for their relatives & friends. Sarahah is the most popular app where one can send anonymous messages to the other which he or she can’t tell in front of that person. However, other than Sarahah, there are lot many apps that are serving the same purpose. Some of these are:


This app was launched in the year 2012. Via this app, you can successfully share your feelings anonymously to the other person & can make any confession which you hesitate to do in front of that person. Whatever platform you have, iPhone or Android, you can easily use it as it is available on both the platforms.

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After School

This app was specially designed for the teens so that they can share their thoughts and feelings without taking tension of teachers and parents. This app requires verification of the user so that it can be ensured that real users are using it. Teens love to use it as it provides them a platform where they can easily lighten their heart by sharing their thoughts.

Psst! Anonymous

Without even sharing any personal details, photographs or name etc., one can easily get linked to their relatives and friends. One can use it to share secrets, confessions and any thought anonymously. One distinct feature of this app is that one can do messages privately without disclosing his/her identity from another person. Whatever is posted on this app, disappears within the period of 48 hours. Its functionality matches SnapChat.

Sarahah Exposed

Sarahah Exposed an app on google play store says that the app will share the name of the person from where you are getting anonymous messages. One of our team members downloaded this app and after few minutes he declares it as a fake app. It is a phishing app where they are making money from the downloads of from some other way. Let’s have a look at the reviews shared on the play store.

Sarahah Exposed

The above reviews are the honest observations from its users. The users who gave five stars seem to be fake and are posted by themselves only.

Sarahah Exposed

How this Fake app or website is making money. Firstly they ask you to enter your login details or username and then it will redirect you yo some other page where they will ask you to complete the survey or some tasks after completion, nothing will happen but they will get some money because this website is passing the users to some other internet site. The details they are collecting can be shared with anyone because this the official Sarahah encrypts all the information they are collecting.

A Tweet from the Official Sarahah App 

Sarahah Exposed


Q: Can the user give responses to comments on his/her profile?  
A: No. The user cannot directly respond. But if he/she wants to answer, then this reply will be directly posted to the social media, via. Facebook, etc.  
Q: Can the visitors view the messages of the user’s profile?  
A: No. Unless the user share that, the visitors can’t see it.  
Q: Is it compulsory to mention the name while sending a message?  
A: No. One can send the message without sending the name.  


Final Words

Above all, Sarahah is winning the race and getting popularity worldwide. By using this app, users can discover their strengths and areas of improvement. Overall, it is an app for fun and should be used diligently without harming anyone.


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