In my opinion, Youtube has become an icon for the zeitgeist of this era; our one-stop portal for every political, fashion, movie or music news and queries. Whether it be listening to Ed Sheeran’s newest single, Drake’s latest mixtape, the top 100 songs of the year or the hottest Bollywood tracks, Youtube is our go-to app for all our music needs.

The only downsides:

In a place of the scarce internet, Youtube (being an online app) will naturally not work adequately. You are stuck with the visuals in the app and can’t multitask as Youtube doesn’t allow music streaming while open in the background. To remedy these downsides; you can use a Youtube to MP3 converter. However, among thousands of converters available on the web, it is a daunting task to find the perfect converter.

Our solution: Peggo apk. Read further to find out why Peggo apk is the best Youtube to MP3 converter currently available.

What is Peggo apk?

Peggo is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that records MP3 or MP4 files of Youtube videos and Soundcloud tracks. Peggo started out as an online website; where provided that you have the URL of a video/track on Youtube or Soundcloud, you could record MP3 or MP4 files and have it saved locally.

You have to copy the URL of the Youtube video or the Soundcloud track that you want to record and paste it into the URL parser of the website; after which you will be able to download them to your storage device. Peggo has since then, launched an Android app for all their Android users.

Peggo App

Why you should Install Peggo App?

There is an excess of Youtube to MP3 converter on the web currently. So why should you choose the Peggo apk over all the other converters that are available? Well, Peggo apk boasts a plethora of features that you won’t find in other converters that you can find online.

  • Superior Quality

One of the most important aspect of an audio or a video is its quality. Peggo is adamant to provide the best quality available to you. Video files will have the option to select the quality (ranging from 144P to 1080P) at which you want them to be downloaded.

Audio files are recorded at the highest bit-rate available. This means that if a video’s audio is available at 256 kbps; peggo will record your file as a 256kbps while for a video that is only available at 128kbps, then peggo will record your file at 128kbps.

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  • Download full playlist

Peggo has a playlist download feature that is not available in most other Youtube to MP3 converter. You need to register as a free user or upgrade to Pro to have access to this feature.

Registering for free is a matter of minutes. After logging in, you can paste/search for playlists. You will be able to view a list of all songs that are in the playlist and choose which ones you want to download.

Peggo App screenshot

  • Silence Removal

Most videos on Youtube feature a few seconds worth of silence at the beginning and the ending of the video. On other Youtube to MP3 converters, you will always have to manually set the converter such that the silences are not recorded as well.

However, with Peggo, it has a built-in option to ‘Remove Silence’. This option automatically removes silences from the beginning and the ending of a video to ensure ‘No Silences’ in your downloaded audio files.

  • Volume Normalization

One of the major problems for people who download their music library from different sources is there to be volume discrepancies across their audio files. One minute you have your song playing at the perfect volume and the next song, you are blasted by the loud volume and are left rubbing your ears. You have to procure apps that normalize your audio files such that they have the same volume.

Well, Peggo has the feature to normalize all your downloads. This means that all your recording downloads will have their volume adjusted to a comfortable level. There is no need for any normalizers.

Screenshot peggo apk

  • MetaData and ID3 tagging

Peggo will automatically try to find the MetaData of the downloaded audio file. Pieces of information such as album name, album cover art, and release dates will be added if it is available online.

You can also edit the ID3 tags for your downloaded files manually. This includes pieces of information such as Artist names, lyrics to be attached to the file itself. Tags such as ‘HD’, ‘1080p’, ‘lyrics’ and etc. are automatically removed.

  • Subtrack manipulation

You can also specify a time range such that only audio/video within that time frame is recorded and downloaded. You can use this feature to record snippets such as just Chorus, Bridge and etc. This is a nifty tool to create your own ringtone. Really loved the opening sequence for Eminem’s latest song? Just snip it using the Subtrack manipulation feature and create your own custom ringtone.

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  • Integrated Search bar and Bookmark feature

Peggo apk also features an integrated search bar. So you can avoid repeated switching between the Youtube and Peggo app. You can directly search via the search bar and view the youtube page results directly in the Peggo app.

Peggo also features a bookmark system. You can bookmark specific videos from Youtube and Soundcloud to view them again pronto. One of the only peeves of the Peggo apk is the inclusion of ads in the app. However, none of the ads is intrusive and there are scarce popup ads. Aesthetically, the app is pleasing to the eye. The interface is simple in design and even though there is no options for themes, the default red theme looks attractive to the eye.

peggo apk download

Downloading Peggo apk. Peggo app is currently not available on the Google Play Store. All apps with similar names are fraud and should not be used. Download them at your own risk. The only way to download Peggo is by downloading the Peggo apk from the web. For Peggo apk download, you can search google with the tag ‘Peggo apk download’.

You can also visit the official Peggo Webpage ( or you can use the link given below. To install Peggo after downloading the Peggo apk, you need to first of all enable ‘third party installation. If you haven’t yet enabled ‘third party installation’, follow these steps:

  • Go to your phone ‘Settings’
  • Open ‘Security’
  • Tick the checkbox ‘Unknown Applications’
  • Confirm the warning prompt by clicking ‘OK’

Now that you have enabled third-party installations on your mobile device; you can open the Peggo apk file that you have downloaded. Follow the instruction on your screen and you will be able to install Peggo apk on your mobile device.

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Operating Peggo apk

After installing the Peggo app on your Android device, you can easily record/download any videos and audios from Youtube and Soundcloud easily. Simply find the URL of the video/audio that you wish to download and copy it.

Enter the copied URL into the real-time search box in the app. You can also search using the artist name or the song title in the search box.You will see the video in the app. Just click ‘Record Audio’ for MP3 download. Tick ‘Remove Silence’ for silence removal and ‘Normalize’ for Volume Normalization. Click ‘Record MP3’ and your MP3 download should start. For Video download, click  ‘Record Video’ for MP4 download. Choose the quality at which you wish to download from the scroll menu at the right side. You can also find the Setting options from the top right side of the app. Just click on the vertical ellipsis → Setting

Here you will find options for setting your Download Location as well as the quality option for MP3 downloads. You can enable status bar notification as well as the MetaData edit function from here. To download full playlists, first of all, search for the playlist in the search bar. Select the playlist you wish to download.Choose the songs in the playlist you wish to download and click ‘Record Audio’


The Peggo apk download can be done using the link we have provided. With the Peggo app, you can easily record and download Youtube videos and audios. The design is simple and the controls are easy. With a little practice, you will easily download youtube videos using the Peggo app.

You have great control over the quality of your downloads; whether it be for your audio downloads (64-265 kbps) or video downloads (144-1080P). So what are you waiting for? Download Peggo apk and start downloading audios and videos from youtube. You know ‘Great Playlists’ are meticulously made; create your audio library now by downloading Peggo apk.

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  • Is Peggo apk safe/legal to use?

One of the major concerns regarding third-party apps is the issue of their legality. However, the legality of this app has to be considered along with the location of its usage and the law of the location.

For users in the United States, and countries with a similar law, the use of Peggo is completely legal. It is protected by the Supreme Court’s Betamax ruling (Sony Corporation of America vs Universal City Studios)

  • I can’t download Soundcloud files using the Peggo app

There have been complaints regarding problems with the Soundcloud downloading. We have also had problems loading Soundcloud audio files.

There has been no official statement regarding this problem, but we are hoping that this will be fixed in future updates.

  • Peggo app crashed, what do i do?

There have been sporadic complaints of the Peggo app crashing. If you find your Peggo app getting clumsy or crashing, close the app, restart your mobile device and open Peggo again. This should resolve your Peggo app issue.  


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