nba 2k18

The popularity of NBA 2K game has elevated to a great extent among the players and today it falls under the list of most intriguing basketball simulation video games. The excitement of people escalated right after the announcement of the next game in the series. And the declaration of its release date has made people frenzied now. And on the other hand, NBA 2K18 new features look extremely promising.

nba 2k18

The release date of the new game in the series got announced a few days back and people are now exhilarated to purchase it on September 19 of this month. And now let’s look into the NBA 2K18 new features which have made the gamers quite thrilled.

The Features of NBA 2K18

The features of the game this time may turn out to be much more premium than the other game in the series. It has been said that players will get introduced to the Manager Mode yet again. This section lets the gamers to manage the team according to their wish which is indeed a great feature. And several of them out there will be certainly happy to see the Manager Mode getting retained.

Talking about the My Career Mode, this feature has also been added yet again in the new installment. Therefore, people are extremely happy and are waiting to get their hands on the NBA 2K18 game. The My Career Mode feature will allow the gamers to create all new players in the My Player section.

People are also envisioning the new entry in the series to come up with more developments so that this time they get to play a glitch free game. Expectations are certainly quite high from the nineteenth edition of the basketball simulation game and people are surmising it to live up to their expectations.

Cover Star of NBA 2K18

Speculations and rumors were pouring in regarding the cover star of NBA 2K18 since long and now people have finally come to know that Kyrie Irving is going to be the cover artist for the standard edition of the new installment. And this news made many NBA 2K fans extremely thrilled. Coming to the cover star of the Legend edition of the nineteenth edition, Shaquille O’Neal will be the one. And now people are just waiting for the new entry of the basketball simulation game to hit the market.

Price Detail About NBA 2K18 Standard Edition

People were certainly curious to know about the price of the NBA 2K18 a well and it has been said that the Standard edition of the game is going to be available in the market at $59.99. Many people might be extremely satisfied with its pricing due to which the game is expected to get sold in several units.

Wrap Up

The gaming fanatics are anxiously waiting to experience NBA 2K18 new features due to which the new entry is highly awaited. Almost every installment in the series has acquired good reviews and the upcoming one is envisioned to be greater.


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