Local by flywheel
Local by flywheel

Local by Flywheel Review : A Local WordPress development Tool

Local by Flywheel Review

Latest Update Dec 2016 : Pressmatic is now been acquired by Flywheel and renamed to Local by Flywheel. Local is now free for all the users! The Local Pro (Premium Version) is in the testing phase for now and will be available soon. But you can still sign up for the first access to the Premium version.

Visit Local to download a free copy

Local by Flywheel is a website development platform that can set up the local WordPress development environments. The Local can be defined as pretty close to the perfect. The main target of the local’s developers is the website developers and they want to see if it met with their requirements for the local development.

A directory structure will be created, when the Local prepares the website. It will include the WordPress’s latest stable version copy. It can look like the below picture:

Local by Flywheel

Have a look at some of the best features of the Local by Flywheel:

Site Defaults

All the basic setup information can be defined by you with the New Site Default setting when you create a website. Plus, the users can change these settings while creation, but it will include this pre-filled information. It can save a lot of time when you look for a WordPress install.

Support of Multisite

If you need a multisite, you can save the option to choose when you set up a new site. It is not just a subdirectory support.


If you have a base install that is used in the environment of the WordPress development, you can install a handful of plugins and site templates by using Local by Flywheel. You need to look that what should your template look like and you can tell the Local to make it a new template. You can choose it as an option when adding a new site. Within a few minutes, you can run a template without needing to install any utilities.
In addition to WordPress template, you can also develop a non-WordPress template by creating a base WordPress install and deleting WordPress parts. You can make a template out it.


The Mailcatcher is an amazing feature, that included in the Local by Flywheel software. You can also check the non-valid email addresses, to test the things in the local environments. You can check things such as customer.dam or famruk.tenx.  It is obvious that this email won’t be sent and you need to test what an email look like. You have to configure a real email address when the email arrives. In short, we can say that the Mailcatcher is a local loop back to the emails so you can send through your sites.

Self Signed Certificate Trusting

The website has a self-signed certificate, through which you can put your local development environments over the HTTPS. You can perform this, with just a single click in the Local by Flywheel software.

Local by Flywheel Review


  • The users of the Local can set the default terminal app.
  • There will be automatic updates to the application.
  • You can access SSH and MySQL with just a single click, for any website.
  • Add on Management
  • Duplication of website instantly.


  • The users can’t have the ability to change the path on an existing site to the web root.
  • It only works for the OS X.
  • If you are creating a new website, it can’t pick the WordPress version.
  • The debug constants of the WordPress can’t set on installation.

I guarantee you that the features of the Local allow you to test the environments at a much faster pace. It can be regarded as a standard platform for the users.

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