Benefits of the Guest Posts

Benefits of the Guest Posts

Howdy readers! Today you will find a slightly different tinge in words’ usage, a slightly different enthusiasm and totally different set of knowledge. Sometimes you get bored of one person, not saying our original blogger is not good, but yeah, it is the tendency of the humans to get bored of reading the same person again and again. For the sake of the change, let’s learn what could be the benefits of the guest posts.


As I mentioned earlier, everyone needs a change to refill the colors in their life. So, just for a change, new guests should be introduced occasionally with their post to surprise readers like you all.

Initial Push

You can draw a good amount of traffic a week after your blog inauguration if you know Big B or Shashi Tharoor; I meant to say imagine a celebrity writing a guest post on your blog, now imagine how much popularity your blog will gain! Isn’t it amazing?

Traffic Exchange

This is the reason why traffic is a hit nowadays in the blogging world. When a blogger writes a guest post on another blog then his readers will be redirected to latter blog and readers of the former blog will find about the latter blog. Still confused? Let me cut it into bits: Suppose what we have is two blogs, say A and B. If blogger of A writes the guest post on blog B, then readers of A will be redirected to read the article to blog B. Readers of blog B would find out blog A as well. This is a win-win situation for both the bloggers: nobody is losing anything.


There are two ways to have others’ trust on you: work hard to be credible or get introduced by someone they trust. Guest blogging chooses the latter way to prove the blogger credible. We humans trust those who are trusted by the one we trust. So, if you trust my fellow blogger, you will start trusting me somehow. This is actually not a tickle but my blogging experience.


When you post a guest post on a blog having a larger number of subscribers than yours, obviously someone on the more popular blog will click on your blog to read what made his favorite blogger invite you. Believe me, this makes the less renowned blogger walk towards the fame.

Nurturing Creativity

We meet great people in our lifelong journey, don’t we? We learn a lot from them by exchanging our knowledge and experience. When you do guest blogging, you get a chance to interact with each other. Somewhere amidst this process, you learn a lot from your host: what tone does he use and when, how does he convey his message. Not trying to be funny but it does teach you why your host is a successful blogger but you are not. Period.

Improvement in writing

When we meet a more matured blogger, what do we learn from his experience? We learn an art called writing that is suitable to lure the web surfers. They will advise you how this art is done because they want you to succeed in order to keep the quality of his blog consistent. In this process, we learn a lot. One day, a blogger scolded me: he said, ‘rubbish! Totally rubbish. What have you been writing until now?’

I checked my writing. I did not feel anything bad about it but he made me look where I have been wrong. He pointed out how those words were banal; how have I been verbose in my content and what not. I heard him and I started following him. I improved eventually. So, guest blogging can help to improve a blogger’s content.

Under scanner

Your work is going to be criticized, brace yourself. When a blogger interacts with a blogger, they don’t meet as a friend, or as a lover: they convey what they like about each other’s blog. They will criticize it. They will point out the mistakes frankly. This contribution helps both the parties just as in a symbiotic relationship: both the parties get the benefit.

Getting out of your comfort zone

Your work might be read by someone from different niche. Or maybe the same. But obviously, you will be challenging your comfort zone to get more exposure. Your work will be criticized by a larger audience and amidst all this tussle, the critics will hone your skills.

Readers from another blog will impart the knowledge they acquired by reading other blogs. Do not fear from criticism as it is going to improve you as it improved a lot of bloggers out here.

It does not matter what we say a guest blogging is: it is a new, trending or whatever. We know it feels right. Ergo, every blogger aims to do guest blogging because it is his heart that says: “Today we aren’t perfect but one day we will be. Together.”

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